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Making an accurate diagnostic early enough is crucial for arthritis patients, but is a very difficult task for undifferentiated arthritis patients. RheumaKit addresses this complex issue.


RheumaKit combines gene expression measurements and clinical data.


Samples are shipped to our facility with an air-transportation validated packaging (UN3373) via express courier.


Each patient's data are analyzed through an advanced predictive solution to output an early and accurate diagnostic support.

RheumaKit is in the process of getting regulation authorities clearance. Meanwhile, RheumaKit only comes under an investigational purpose licence. The text section below presents the expected benefits offered by RheumaKit, once it gets market access clearance.

Why Doctors use RheumaKit

  • Detect Rheumatoid Arthritis earlier
  • Diagnose more accurately undifferentiated arthritis patients.
  • Distinguish difficult cases months earlier than standard-of-care.
  • Manage diagnostic and reporting online.
  • Fit for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteo-Arthritis, Sero-Negative Arthritis.
  • Get a service level tailored to your needs

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Patient Benefits

  • RheumaKit leads to much earlier diagnostic than standard-of-care for difficult arthritis cases.
  • An earlier disease management likely leads to better health evolution.
  • A fast and easy procedure.

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