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These questions should be answered thinking of your knee symptoms during the last week.


The following questions concern the amount of joint stiffness you have experienced during the last week in your knee. Stiffness is a sensation of restriction or slowness in the ease with which you move your knee joint.


What amount of knee pain have you experienced the last week during the following activities?

Function, daily living

The following questions concern your physical function. By this we mean your ability to move around and to look after yourself. For each of the following activities please indicate the degree of difficulty you have experienced in the last week due to your knee.

Function, sports and recreational activities

The following questions concern your physical function when being active on a higher level. The questions should be answered thinking of what degree of difficulty you have experienced during the last week due to your knee.

Quality of Life

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KOOS information

The Knee injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (KOOS) is a patient-reported outcome measurement instrument, developed to assess the patient’s opinion about their knee and associated problems [1]. The KOOS evaluates both short-term and long-term consequences of knee injury and also consequences of primary osteoarthritis (OA).

KOOS holds 42 items in five separately scored subscales:

  • KOOS Pain;
  • KOOS Symptoms : Other symptoms such as swelling, restricted range of motion and mechanical symptoms;
  • KOOS ADL : Disability on the level of daily activities;
  • KOOS Sport/Rec : Disability on a level physically more demanding than activities of daily living;
  • KOOS QOL : Quality of life, mental and social aspects such as awareness and lifestyle changes.

Warning: we present the KOOS score differently than normal, so that it can be interpreted as other disease activity scores. Usually the KOOS score is a percentage from 0 to 100, with 0 representing extreme problems and 100 representing no problem. Here it's the opposite: 0 represents an ideal situation, while 100 is the worst situation.

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